I have been a huge fan of Oddball Candles ever since stumbling upon their candles on TikTok.

Yes, TikTok made me buy it.

The real treasure was finding out that these viral candlemakers are homegrown, from El Paso. They proudly share that with followers on their Instagram in their bio.

Originally, I fell in love with their Shrek-inspired candle. I couldn't resist owning Shrek's booty in candle form. It smells so good and nothing like dirty ogre butt.

Continuing their TikTok success, Oddball Candles has a baked bean candle, which perfectly pairs with a viral sound, "BEANS."

Now, they are going for more glorious fake deliciousness with their elote candle.

This Friday, the elote candle will go on sale and it is for sure going to sell out. If you love the smell of popcorn, then set a reminder to buy this candle.

@oddballnco elote candles!! available for purchase march 25th at 7 pm mst ((: #fyp #WomenOwnedBusiness #AEMembersAlways #OscarsAtHome #DeserveADrPepperDuet ♬ to the salon - char ‍

Seriously, Instagram lets you do that and it is my favorite thing when trying to buy exclusive things.

@oddballnco elote en vaso candle! what do yall think? #VenmoSpringBreak #macysownyourstyle #fyp #elote #candle ♬ original sound - lukeydumper

What is really awesome about this candle is you get to support locals with these lovely candles. As you can read in their introduction Instagram post, these hardworking women are on their way to bigger and better things every day.

While you may not see them at local markets, you can always find them online trying out new ideas like this possible guacamole wax melts.

It blows my mind how amazing the tortilla chip and guac look so real! Just think of how you can freak out your friends and family by throwing that in a wax warmer in front of them. I hope they make these available soon because I think they will be legendary in the candle market.

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