I love me some Bath and Body Works. I order my shower gel and body lotion from them all the time and periodically, I order candles from Bath and Body Works. Those three wick candles are amazing and as much as I love them, I recently got some that I don't like. I don't usually like fruity or sweet-smelling candles so I bought some of their winter line that smell a little muskier and smokier.


The problem with the candles I ordered, however, is that instead of smelling like a midnight walk in the woods, it smells like the cabin you go back to after your midnight walk in the woods in which you've forgotten to open the flue to the fireplace and now the whole place smells like it's burning down. It's just a little too strong for me. I was really mad at myself because all I could think was that I spent about $50 on candles that I won't ever burn again. I'm going to give them to my co-workers, but I did a little digging and found out how you can avoid wasting money on candles you don't like.


According to the Bath and Body Works website, you can return anything you buy there for any reason. They say they have a "100% satisfaction guarantee." There are different levels of money back that you will get if you have a receipt or don't have a receipt, but I was skeptical, so I called their customer helpline.

Turns out, the girl assured me, that you can return a product that has been used, within reason, for any reason. I'm guessing if you try to return a mostly used product they might give you a little pushback, but she said that since I had only lit the candles once, I could return them and get candles I want.


I've already made plans to give my other candles away, but at least I know that if I get another candle I don't like from Bath and Body Works I can return them with no problem. Let's go shopping!

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