This morning’s rains not only caused problems for the morning commute in the way of a traffic accident, they also left behind a mess on the streets.  So, who you gonna call to clean up that mess?

Rains Cause Mess In El Paso

I called the City and explained the problem.  One of our listeners on the KISS facebook page wondered who she could call to get rocks removed that had washed into the street with the rains.  Christina, the lovely City employee to whom I spoke, had the 411, or rather, the 311, on whom to call.

Turns out, you can call the City’s Street Department, or just call 3-1-1, and they’ll take your job order by phone to remove the rocks!  How great is that?

Christina said if you have any other questions for the City, you can dial 3-1-1, and you’ll be routed to the correct department.

Rain is good, messes are bad, but turns out, clean-up is just 3 little numbers away!

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