The streets of far east El Paso were a bit more congested than usual this morning after a man barricaded himself in his car.

In news that I feel isn't being talked about a lot, but it should, a man was taken into custody after he barricaded himself in his car. El Paso SWAT and crisis negotiators had to be called in to the situation. The man was in the parking lot of the Walmart located at 12236 Montana.

Police had shut down Tierra Este north and south from Montana to Tierra Arena as well as Montana East from Tierra Este to Loop 375. That area already tends to get congested and I could only imagine how bad it got after police shut down roads!

No other information was given, just that El Paso police eventually were able to apprehend the man who, by the way, was in a car with Illinois license plates. From the looks of it, it looks like it happened overnight into the morning, but there's no confirmation on that. Police opened the roads shortly after.

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If you're wondering to yourself: at what point does someone sitting in their car escalate to a situation where police and SWAT had to be called in, you're not alone- people in the comments asked the very same thing.

There are so many questions I have like: Did the subject call the police himself? How did police know that this was a serious situation? It obviously was a very serious situation, but it also sounds very mysterious.

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