El Paso voters are going to choose a new mayor on May 11th, and 8 candidates are running for the spot.  This week, Mike and Tricia Mornings is getting to know them.

We’ve spent some time this week with each of the 8 candidates for El Paso Mayor.  You can hear the interviews with Robert Cormell, Oscar Leeser, Steve Ortega, Dean Martinez, and Jorge Artalejo on this post.

This morning, we wrapped up Candidate Week with Hector Lopez, Jaime O. Perez, and Gus Haddad.

I posted information about all the candidates earlier in the week, in case you want to check out their websites and Facebook pages as well.  Each interview is about 15 minutes long.  I edited the commercials and the banter at the beginning of the interview for time’s sake.  Content with each candidate was not edited.

First up, Hector Lopez - his is in 2 pieces because of the length of the interview:


Jaime O. Perez talked to Mike and Tricia next:


We wrapped up the morning with Gus Haddad:


Thanks to all the candidates for stopping by and talking with Mike and Tricia Mornings!



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