When it comes to having your picture taken professionally, you probably want the best and most memorable shots.

Infinite In Azimuth had a day planned to have their professional photoshoot in front of an iconic El Paso building that no longer exists.

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Joe Nunez aka Papa Joe Photography is known for shooting all sorts of local rock bands. Well, Joe was the photographer scheduled to work with Infinite In Azimuth.

Joe had the band pose in front of the now-demolished City Hall building. Shortly after this photoshoot, City Hall was set to be demolished. Making this a priceless photo for the former local band Infinite In Azimuth.

via Joe Nunez/ Papa Joe Photography
via Joe Nunez/ Papa Joe Photography

I think everyone is pretty satisfied with the reason behind demolishing the old City Hall building since it gave our El Paso Chihuahuas a home.

I asked Joe if the band is still playing together. Because come on, how awesome would it be if they reenacted the picture after all these years? Except instead of City Hall it's Southwest University Park in the background. 

Unfortunately, like City Hall, the band Infinite In Azimuth parted ways so the band has expired but we can hope for a reunion.

At least we all have this photo Joe captured to help bring back memories for the young and old.

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