I am shook.

I just found out the candle I have been attempting to purchase since being locked down in a pandemic is made by two beautiful and talented El Paso women.

Only one photo can be found on the business Instagram of these women, which of course received some amazing compliments. They also were asked tons of questions about restocks of their colorful, wacky candles.

Oddball Candles & Co is the name of the business and swamp ass is the name of the candle that drove them to TikTok fame.

They have been sold out of a majority of their candles for months and you basically have to stalk them to know when your favorite candle is back.

As much as I have stalked their page for a restock, I have never noticed the mention of El Paso, Texas in their about section on Instagram. I have attempted to reach out to them to confirm this just because you never know if they moved.

I would just like to let them know, do not worry I am not a creepy stalker, I just truly admire their creativity. Plus, I really want that Shrek booty to be mine.

The mention of Shrek booty comes from the design of their candle swamp ass.

Swamp Ass via Oddball&Co
Swamp Ass via Oddball&Co

As I patiently wait to hopefully get one of the 750 spots to purchase one tonight, sorry to say we won't know when the others will be restocked.

With over 10K Instagram followers, you know these women are going to continue to gain fame in the candle game. Just like fellow talented El Paso candle artist Culture Candle Co., Oddball & Co. are great local companies to remember when the holidays come around and you want to support local.

Also, so looking forward to their Halloween ideas this year.

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