There has been much written about the story of Mitchell Marcus, Jonathan Montanez, and the basketball shot seen all over the national news.  Now, our local governments are getting into the act and giving some much deserved recognition to Mitchell, Jonathan, and Coronado High School T-Bird Coach Peter Morales - and Mike and Tricia Mornings is going to help!

When Coach Morales decided to put Mitchell in the basketball game against their rivals, the Franklin High School Cougars, he had no idea that one of the Cougars, Jonathan Montanez, would help make Mitchell's dream of making a basket in a game come true.

The whole city watched as the boys spoke with ESPN about the game, and saw CBS put together a tear-jerking piece on the game, but it appeared that our elected officials in town weren't doing the same.


But, we now know that City Reps. Courtney Niland and Ann Morgan Lilly are going to recognize Mitchell, Jonathan, and the teams in a future City Council meeting, and today, El Paso County Commissioner Carlos Leon will read the proclamation Mike and I wrote, before their regular weekly meeting!

Thanks so much to our elected officials for honoring Mitchell, Jonathan, Coach Morales and the Coronado and Franklin basketball teams, and for including Mike and Tricia Mornings!

Here is the resolution that will be read today at Commissioners Court:


WHEREAS:               On the night of February 12, 2013, two rival high school basketball teams, the Coronado T-Birds and the Franklin Cougars, took to the court and not only played a fierce game, they displayed a heartstopping sense of compassion and good sportsmanship for a special student;

WHEREAS:               Mitchell Marquez, who loved his team, and the game they played, proved that through determination, pride in one's team and oneself - and a little help from his friends - dreams could come true;

WHEREAS:               Mitchell's coach, Peter Morales, who vowed to let Mitchell play in the game, no matter what the score, win or lose, in order to help him realize that dream, put Mitchell on the court in the final minutes of the game;

WHEREAS:               With his team losing, and the ball in his hand, rival Franklin player, Jonathan Montanez, realizing what Coach Morales and Mitchell's T-Bird teammates were trying to accomplish for the young man who was their manager, teammate, and friend, called Mitchell's name and inbounded the ball to him, assuring the Franklin Cougar's defeat.  The ball left Mitchell's hands, sailed through the air, and resoundingly fell through the hoop, aided by the selfless acts of Coach Peter Morales and Franklin Cougar, Jonathan Montanez.

 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Mayor and Council of the City of El Paso, that March 26, 2013, shall be known as   



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