The feel-good story of a selfless act by a coach and an opposing player continues to garner national kudos on social media and capture the attention of many. The latest stop for the trio of Coach Peter Morales, Jonathan Montanez, and Mitchell Marcus: the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

The story of Mitchell Marcus, a special needs Coronado High School student, the decision to play him in the team’s final game by Coach Morales, and one very special basketball pass from Franklin High School’s Jonathon Montanez first went viral on Facebook several weeks ago. That heartfelt moment caught the attention of the CBS Evening News, who sent “On the Road” reporter Steve Hartman to El Paso do a story for them. It was after Hartman’s piece went viral on Twitter the following week that recognition for the trio really went into overdrive. An interview with ESPN followed, eventually leading to a spot on Ellen's show.