Many El Pasoans complain about the El Paso area having so many of the same stores. When the Eastlake Marketplace announced the opening of new locations for Ross, DD's Discounts, Five Below, and Dollar tree, many El Pasoans expressed their dislike over the same stores.

Really it wasn't even about the stores because we know El Pasoans absolutely love to shop at these stores. It really has to do with El Pasoans yearning for new names in the area.

One new business has been announced recently that will be giving some current cookies places some competition.

If you travel out to the west side, you will find Insomnia Cookies and Baked Bear as some super fancy flavored cookies. Which is something Crumbl Cookie plans to bring to Eastlake Marketplace.

@crumblcookies Behind the scenes of our Milk Chocolate Chip — ASMR edition! 👂🍪 #CrumblCookies #Crumbl #TasteWeekly #asmr #asmrsounds ♬ original sound - Crumbl Cookies

From what I can find on Crumbl Cookies' social media, it looks like these cookies will be bursting with flavors, but still, bring you those traditional cookie flavors; like chocolate chip.

In one of their recent posts, they have adapted to those fall flavors and I wish we could try them all now. Sadly, the store is not open YET. It will be coming in January 2022.

New year, new cookies! As El Paso continues to expand, it is great to know one of the fastest-growing cookie companies to happily setting up shop in the Sun City.

Maybe they will even have cookies inspired by an El Paso sunset.

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