If you live on the west side, and every one of your teeth is a sweet tooth, you won’t have to make a Crumbl Cookies pilgrimage to the far east any longer.

There is now a Crumbl Cookies location in west El Paso -- northwest, more specifically.

New Location in Northwest


The cookie shop that has taken the nation by storm with its warm, gooey gourmet cookies already has a location in the Eastlake Marketplace and at The Market at Pebble Hills, and now the TikTok-famous sweets have arrived on the west side.

The newest Crumbl is located in the West Town Marketplace on Desert Blvd in the northwest. It’s by Matteo’s Mexican Food between Flix Brewhouse and Cabela’s.

The Sweet Sensation


If you know you know, but for those who don't Crumbl Cookies is known for baking cookies about the size of your palm and the signature pink box they come in.

Their thing is keeping it fresh with a lineup of over 120 soft-baked flavors and varieties, and menu options that change weekly to give you 4-5 different specialty flavors to taunt your waistline with.

Only their famous and most popular cookie, Milk Chocolate Chip, and the iced sugar cookie are always available, according to their website.

The “world’s best box of cookies” come in the signature pink box of four, six, and a dozen cookies. You can also just buy a single cookie, and kudos to you if you have the willpower to order just one.

Apart from the variety of rotating gourmet cookies, ice cream, milk, and chocolate milk are also available.

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