If you're a coffee connoisseur and you live or work on the east side, you’ll be happy to know Dutch Bros Coffee is expanding to your side of town.

The Oregon-based company is quickly making its presence known in El Paso. Having already opened two Dutch Bros' on opposite ends of town (Horizon and northwest), the drive-thru, walk-up coffee chain is brewing up a sort of mini-invasion with locations on the east, west, and far east sides of town still to come.

East Side

The east side location is on McRae; it's the one I first told you about last summer. Construction of the “Dutch Bros Coffee stand” project for 1120 McRae, which is in the At Home Décor parking lot, is underway. Like the other Dutch Bros’ that have already opened, it will consist of a double drive-thru lane and walk-up window, and there will not be any indoor seating.

Once complete, it will be open 7 days a week from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

West and Far East

The other projects are at 2105 North Zaragoza at Sun Fire Blvd, and one on N. Mesa. The future west side location will take over the spot the Bush's Chicken building once stood on.

They’re all in various stages of planning and construction so there is no word yet on when exactly those locations will be brewing and infusing, but the hope is they all will by the end of the year.

Dutch Bros Coffee is one of the fastest-growing drive-thru coffee chains in the country. Headquartered in Oregon, it was founded in 1992 by two brothers of Dutch descent.

Its menu consists of a variety of coffees, caffeinated beverages, teas, energy drinks, and smoothies.

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