While purchasing my afternoon pick-me-up at Dutch Bros on Mesa street, I drove up to the pick-up window to find a new sign.

It wasn't for the latest flavor that was released by Dutch Bros but to warn those picking up a drink about bees.

Yes, the bees in El Paso seem to be taking over the drive-thru window at the Mesa St. Dutch Bros.

I visited this location about four times before a sign was posted about the bees. It was a scary situation when the window remained open because bees were EVERYWHERE!

My first thought was are the drinks that sugary? My second thought was well, we don't have many flowers in the desert, so sugary drinks are going to have to do for the bees.

Are the Bees Taking Over Each Dutch Bros?

KLAQ first posted the photo on their Instagram since the morning show host Buzz Adams kind of relates to a bee. The only relation seems to be because Buzz is called Buzz and bees are known to buzz. I know it is a stretch but it works.

Back to the bee issue, other El Pasoans have noticed the bees not only at the Mesa St. location but at the McCrae one as well. I have been to that location and did not run into any bees at the time. Unfortunately, other customers seem to have battled the bees at this location, so I may have to go to investigate.

One other coffee shop, The Hive Java Lounge also shared an issue with bees at their drive-thru as well, so no coffee shop is safe.

The other east Dutch Bro locations do not seem to have a bee issue. I have been to both Eastlake and Horizon locations and no bees have been found. It doesn't mean they haven't found the places yet. According to one Instagram user, this is happening at every Dutch Bro location in El Paso. If you run into some bees while grabbing your brew, please let me know so I may update my mental Dutch Bros bee map.

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