Did you party too much on Super Bowl Sunday? Are you feeling under the weather? Maybe you're trying to hulk out at the gym and want to live a healthier lifestyle. There is a new place in town that says they can help you with all those scenarios, and all you have to do is get an IV.

Drip Drive is a company that says they can help you feel better if you're sick, help you work better at the gym with their IVs of vitamins and minerals, and help you rehydrate and detox after a night of too much drinking. They say their Hangover Drip "destroys alcohol sugars by detoxing. This repairs central nervous system functions by regaining neurotransmitters. Eliminates symptoms such as headache.. nausea.. vomiting.. shakiness.. and fatigue." They say their Athletic Drip lets you use your full body capacity to generate energy.

The owner of Drip Drive, Ashley Nahle, has been a registered nurse for seven years and started the business four months ago. She says that one of the reasons why she began her business was because she used to have to take her grandmother, who was going through a battle with pancreatic cancer, to get hydration and nausea meds at emergency rooms. She wishes something like Drip Drive had been around to make things easier on her and her grandmother.

Right now, Drip Drive is only available on a mobile basis, but Ashley says she is hoping to open a brick-and-mortar location by May. Maybe the next time I'm suffering from too much vino, I'll have to head over to Drip Drive!

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