You know we love us the ghosteses here at KISS FM, and we love to check out local ghosts and haunted spots, as well. If you want to check out a haunted tour of El Paso brothels, this is the tour for you.

The Wigwam Museum will host EXPOSED: A Titillating Exhibit of El Paso's Brothel History later this month. You'll hear the real-life history of the dozens of madams and brothels that operated in El Paso in the 1800s. The history of these brothels are very closely tied into the history El Paso. Many of the madams of these infamous houses of ill-repute were powerful and wealthy and because they catered to men who were running the city, they were able to move and shake behind the scenes, no pun intended.

The event is free and you'll not only get a naughty history lesson, there will be vendors, entertainment, music, poetry, and films for you to take in. There will be an art show followed by a Haunted Brothel Ghost Tour hosted by Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society. The tour is two hours of walking, so be prepared.

I've taken this tour and it is a lot of fun and you will learn a lot about the murder, corruption, adultery, and prostitution of the El Paso of the Old West. Be aware, however, this is a tour that deals with a lot of adult themes, so it is for adults only. No small children, faint of heart, or the easily offended should attend.

WHAT: Haunted Brothel Tour
WHEN: February 17, 2017, 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
WHERE: 110 E San Antonio
INFO: 915-274-9531

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