During the holiday season, one family is looking for some holiday cheer after a recent cancer diagnosis. Stephanie Guzman took to social media to spread the word about her father, Don Leo, who wants to wrap Christmas gifts to help those who aren't that great at wrapping, or who just do not have the time. After years of hard labor, Don needs to take some time to rest after recently being diagnosed with olfactory neuroblastoma, a very rare cancer between his nasal cavity and his brain.

Don and his family are not going to be grinches through the holiday season after such serious news. Instead, Don wants to wrap presents in exchange for any monetary donation. Stephanie is sharing his story on social media to see if anyone who needs help wrapping presents can also help her Dad.

Even if you do not need help wrapping gifts, you can still help Don battle his cancer by making a donation to his GoFundMe page.

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