If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it was that the borderland is full of so many passionate entrepreneurs who won’t let a global pandemic stop them from pursuing their dreams!

El Pasoan, Martha Reyes, found out that she was pregnant with her first child right before the pandemic. She gave birth to a precious little boy who would be the inspiration behind her latest business venture: Son Teach Me.

“When I began with the idea many people were telling me that it's not going to work and it's been the complete opposite,” said Martha. “El Paso has been a great support."

"Son Teach Me”  is not a daycare or non-profit. It is a local business that serves as a space for parents to bond with their children and it sits inside of El Paso’s Sunland Park Mall.

“It is a children’s play center for babies who are infants to 6 years of age,” said Martha. “I decided to open this because I knew that a lot of children didn't have a center for themselves. Parents can come in and book an appointment on our website.”

Son Teach Me is a “pay what you can” service meaning parents can enjoy the space by donating whatever it is they can.

“The center is “pay what you can” so it doesn't matter if you bring in 5 or 6 children. You pay what you’re able to,” said Martha. “I have a lot of families that bring in their grandparents to come in to watch the little ones.”

Son Teach Me has toys, games, and other fun spaces for children under the age of 6 to enjoy and it also has a community closet where parents can shop for free.

“This is donations from families that come here,” said Martha. “Other families can take home anything in this community closet for free.”

The name of the center was inspired by Martha’s almost 3-year-old son.

“I decided to name it “Son Teach Me” because my son teaches me a lot and a lot of parents say the same thing about their children.”


Martha is hoping to get more funding from outside sources to help her expand the services that her center offers.

“The only issue that I'm having right now is funding,” said Martha. “I am limited on the days that I am open. I want to add funding to add new employees and to offer more things and activities and classes for the kids and families.”

Anyone who would like to donate toys, children’s clothing, or even monetary donations can do so by clicking here.

And hey, if you know someone who is in need of a part-time Summer job let them know that “Son Teach Me” is looking to hire more staff too so they can open their doors more during the Summer vacation.

Son Teach Me

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