Mexican star of Rogue One/Star Wars, Diego Luna sat with Conan O’Brien to discuss his experience while in Mexico City during the 7.1 earthquake that took place on September 19th. Luna chats with Conan about the spirit of Mexico and even slightly nudges the government in saying that they are slightly corrupt & thus inspires the citizens to combine their efforts in relieving the damages caused by the earthquake. The earthquake coincidentally took place on the same day that Mexico experienced an earthquake in 1985 that is said to have destroyed Mexico City.

Diego Luna and friend Gabriel Gael Bernal have created a way for anyone interested in making donations for disaster relief for Mexico at Luna says that he and Garcia Bernal were inspired to create the organization after having received many messages asking about how one could assist Mexico rebuild. So far, the site has seen almost $600,000 in donations and almost 9,000 supporters.

Reports say that there were 333 casualties caused by the 2017 earthquake in central Mexico.

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