5.2 Earthquake Felt In El Paso Sunday
Did you feel the earthquake that originated near Lordsburg, New Mexico? Many El Pasoans did and they took to Facebook to post their thoughts. The earthquake hit around 10:30 Sunday night. Most report feeling a slight swaying feeling. KISS listener said he "felt the bed move slightly&quo…
Japan Quake Devastation [PHOTOS]
Some incredibly disturbing photos of before and after the Japan devastation.  Check out thecomplete interactive series.  Roll your mouse over each of the pictures on the ABC site to see the before and after pics of each area.
Help Out Those Hit By The Earthquake, Tsunami
The earthquake and Tsunami tidal waves in Japan have caused a great number of fatalities and destruction. The death toll continues to soar, as do more earthquakes in the country. It's beyond our ability to comprehend that many people dying in such a short time but it's not beyond our abili…