The CVS pharmacy near Kern Place is closing after only 4 years.

Signs posted on the store door at 2525 N. Mesa indicate April 2, 2019 will be its last business day. (Well, darn. Where in the world am I going to get excessively long receipts now?)

A company spokesman confirmed plans to shutter the store by the University of Texas at El Paso campus to El Paso Inc.

A reason for the abrupt closure was not given, although its proximity to a fairly busy Walgreen's pharmacy a few blocks away may have played a part in their decision. CVS is known for popping up right across, down the street, or nearby an existing Walgreens and sometimes the strategy does not work.

If CVS is your pharmacy of choice for beauty & health products, household items and film developing and processing (Google it, kids!), you'll have to go downtown after April 2. The closest location to this one is nearby San Jacinto Plaza at 201 N. Mesa and Texas.

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