Discussion on a proposal to demolish the Chico's Tacos at Montana and Chelsea and build a CVS pharmacy at the site has been put on hold for two weeks.

According to The El Paso Times, CVS officials requested the delay in order to "replat" the property.

“Representatives for CVS asked city officials to move the request because CVS needs to replat the property, and the replat won't be ready until the June 2 meeting, said Carlos Gallinar, deputy director of the city Planning and Inspections Department. CVS wants to have the rezoning request and replat go to the Plan Commission at the same time, he said.”

A plat is the legal description of a specific piece of real property, and is required to show how land will be subdivided. Any change to the plat creates a replat.

Discussion on the matter has been postponed until June 2, but word is Chico's days are numbered. Per documents filed with the city, the plan is to demolish the building it currently occupies and a former veterinary clinic and build El Paso's sixth CVS Pharmacy on the site.

And because neither residents of the nearby neighborhood nor the neighborhood association have a problem with the drugstore chain building a nearly 12,000 square-foot store with a drive-through pharmacy at that location, the city planning division will likely recommend the rezoning be approved.

Three years ago Walmart’s request to rezone the same site so the company could build a Neighborhood Market was declined, in large part because of opposition from residents.

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