The next time you're craving a double order of Chico's Tacos and you're in West or Central El Paso, you’re going to have to hit up the Washington Park location to satisfy it. At least for now.

After more than 40 years in the Chelsea area of Central El Paso, the Chico’s Tacos on Montana Avenue served its last order of the soupy rolled tacos the restaurant is famous for Sunday night (August 7).

Plans are in the works to demolish the building as well as a now-closed nearby veterinary clinic to make way for El Paso’s sixth CVS Pharmacy. City Council approved rezoning the site from residential/special permit to commercial/special permit on July 26 with several conditions.

Per the El Paso Times:

Among the amended conditions are that access to the property only be permitted from Chelsea Street and Trowbridge Drive and that no automotive service stations, motor-vehicle repair or auto-sale businesses, nightclubs or bars be allowed on the property."

The Times reports "there are still a couple more steps to complete before CVS can officially start building," although specifics were not mentioned.

As for the future of Chico's in Central El Paso, owner Richard Mora remains hopeful. Mora told Newschannel 9 the plan is to reopen at another location in the area. No timeline was given.

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