The second largest drugstore chain has proposed a new site where the Chico's Tacos is on Montana. Looks like they are closing up shop! 

CVS Pharmacy in Lakewood, California/Getty Images
CVS Pharmacy in Lakewood, California/Getty Images

Looking for your Chico's Tacos fix in the central part of town? Looks like you're going to have to go further east to get it or go to the Amador location very soon.

CVS Pharmacy has proposed for property at Montana and Chelsea, the site for the beloved taco restaurant. CVS is proposing to build an almost 12,000 square-foot store with a drive-through pharmacy and a 10-foot landscaping buffer along Cardon Street, where homes are now located. This means some of those homes are being bought out by CVS as well, cha-ching,

The City Plan Commission meeting begins at 1:30 p.m., Thursday at City Hall at 300 N. Campbell in Downtown for the new proposal. On the agenda will be a time frame and also a call to action to hire CVS employees. As for the Chico's employees, they will more than likely be placed in one of the other Chico's Tacos restaurants throughout the city.

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