Don’t just drag out the same old box of ornaments this year. Here are some creative ways to jazz up your Christmas tree.

Create a color scheme for your Christmas tree. For an elegant look, choose silver, gold or, maybe black and white.

Develop a theme that’s right for you and your family. Some examples: family photos, dollhouse furnishings or candy – real or pretend.

Envision your favorite works of art. Why not model your tree after something like Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”.

Bring your family together for an afternoon of crafts fun to build all your own handmade ornaments. Be sure you’re prepared with any materials you can think of, including pipe cleaners, construction paper, fabric, markers, crayons, cotton balls, safe needles and thread.

Your tree could be all natural. Deck it out with acorns, pinecones, fruit or vegetables.

Adorn your tree with trinkets that are all from the same era (just not now). That could be 1960s hippie garb or American colonial life.

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