Halloween is still about a month away but that is not stopping people (like my neighbors) from already decorating their homes for Halloween. 

My neighbors werent the only one’s who decided to begin decorating for Halloween a month in advance. Driving around town I can see some people slowly getting their decorations up and hey, I’m not mad at them for it! 

After seeing this around town I got curious and started wondering what Halloween decorating theme would be the trend this year.

From Barbie to Zombies, here is what locals think will be the biggest Halloween decorating themes this year!

  • Barbie:

Barbie isn't just for kids anymore. Texans are ready to embrace their inner doll and slay Halloween with style. Expect plenty of pink, glitter, and fabulousness as Texans transform their homes into life-sized (and possibly zombie looking) Barbies, Kens, and even the occasional Malibu dream house. 

  • Nuns with a Twist:

This Halloween, Texans are exploring the divine and the devilish simultaneously. Expect to see nuns with edgy makeovers – think punk rock nuns, zombie nuns, and even nun-jas (ninja nuns) taking the stage or creepy nuns like the ones that were roaming the streets of El Paso recently.

  • Out-of-This-World Alien Abduction

Texans are turning to the stars for inspiration this year, with alien abduction themes gaining traction. Get ready for extraterrestrial encounters, UFO-inspired costumes, and Area 51-inspired decor that's sure to make your party out of this world.

  • Spooky Adams Family Reunions

The mysterious Adams Family is making a comeback in the hearts of Texans. Prepare to see Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and the rest of the gang as they descend upon Texas this Halloween.

  • Bare-Boned Skeleton Crew

Skeletons are a timeless Halloween favorite, and they're here to stay. Texans are bringing their A-game to skeleton-themed parties, with intricate bone makeup and bone-chilling decorations. And yes, expect to see those humongous skeletons that are larger than homes!



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