Now when you see a listing you don't expect to read something that is just dead wrong. I thought if you put a listing, you try to make it sound marvelous as hell not creepy.

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For example, pictures of listings should pull in buyers by sharing beautiful images of the place. Normally, some throw in something like a marvelous scenic view of magnificent sunsets.

But, then again, you can't forget about the people who prefer the weird and creepy stuff. You know how people say sex sells, well so does creepy.

I mean just refer to the paranormal stories we share with you, and they blow up. This brings me to a listing I came across that had me do a double-take.

After reading the title, I was in complete shock I had to read it again to make sure I read it correctly the first time. A listing for a San Antonio- area ranch certainly did not hold back on views.

The pictures of the ranch were listed but then had to be pulled immediately. Apparently, after being shared on Zillow someone noticed a noose hanging from a tree.

Now anyone who has a heart would not find an image like that appealing to the eye. In fact, if I had that kind of money I would definitely avoid that listing after seeing an image like that.

But it's clear a man from Pleasanton pays attention to every single detail. Whether Guy Williams (the noose finder) was window shopping or shopping he managed to point out that creepy oddity in the photo.

The 5-acre-ranch is known as "We 2 Ranch" which people may now associate as the noose hanging from a tree. Now that the word has been circulating around, I wonder if that photo just ruined that listing for good. But thankfully the photo has been removed and hopefully, they also removed the noose from the tree as well.

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