Christmas has been getting all the love for way too long.

For many, many, MANY years, El Pasoans have made the trip to the east El Paso neighborhood known as East Ridge to check out over the top Christmas decorations.

They go all out and the lines of peeps that come to look can get pretty crazy. Despite the crowds, driving through this Christmas 'hood is a family tradition for many and often includes multiple generations piling into the car and taking the cruise.

The mild El Paso winters make it even nicer as it's rare for the elements to make the experience uncomfortable. What I think El Paso needs now is an additional, holiday themed area and what better holiday to base it on than Halloween?

Lots and lots of people already decorate for Halloween and some of those houses get pretty intense. An entire neighborhood of spookiness would be a blast.

Imagine driving from "haunted" house to "haunted" house on a dark night, enjoying the sights and sounds created by true horror fans. You may even be invited inside some of them ...

East Ridge has already claimed Christmas so, who should get Halloween? I suggest the area around the western base of Scenic Drive or at the top of Rim Road. The historic homes, quiet neighborhoods and curvy roads are perfect.

If you decorated your home, or plan to in the next few days, send us a pic of your handiwork via the KLAQ mobile app for a chance to win a cool prize. (House must be located in El Paso.)

Get more info on that here and on our other Halloween contests here.


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