The Franklin Mountains weave in and out of the city and give El Paso a really unique look and feel. Unfortunately, they aren't untouched by man. There is a lot of building that has been done over the years both on the mountains and at the foothills.

More development is being proposed for the Franklins, but a group of El Pasoans has taken to to get a petition together to stop any further building on the Franklins. Progress is good, but the Franklins are a part of our heritage and our past. We can't take down what is already there, but we can prevent any further scarring of the mountains and keep a little bit of nature right here in the city.

The petition is specifically trying to preserve the "undeveloped land owned by the City of El Paso on the western side of the Franklin Mountains that is north of Transmountain Road, east of the EPNG Pipeline Road and south of the New Mexico/El Paso boundary and on the eastern side of the Franklin Mountains that is north of Transmountain, west of Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and south of the New Mexico/El Paso boundary."

The Franklin Mountain State Park is the largest urban park in the nation lying within city limits. We would lose so much if more development was allowed to get closer than it already has. Sign the petition and help save El Paso's wild areas before it's too late.