Estela Casas and Lou Romano. If you're an El Pasoan, you know these newscasters names, but did you know they've been on your tv for years? Estela started out her anchoring career on KDBC. Lou has been doing sports since back in the day when pleated khakis were fashionable. A blooper reel from 1991 has resurfaced on Facebook, and these clips show you what Estela, Lou, and other familiar faces looked like back when they were just baby news people.

The clips come from a 1991 El Paso Press Club video that is a mind-numbing 20 minutes long. It is a really badly acted 'Silence of the Lambs' spoof. The whole video is below the first two clips. It is an extravaganza of early 90s fashion, but it is some spectacularly bad acting, so be warned.

Lou Romano is trying to get though his sports cast in this clip, but his tongue isn't cooperating:

Estela Casas is being silly and fun in this clip, but her co-anchor seems to be channeling an old school marm:

Lou Romano again in this clip getting hit repeatedly by a racquetball:

Here is the whole 20 minute spoof:

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