Mexico City and surrounding areas experienced a reported 7.1 magnitude earthquake earlier today. According to MSNBC, Mexico City had actually been practicing earthquake escape drills because they we approaching the anniversary of the 1985 8.0 magnitude earthquake that the news source says "destroyed" Mexico City. Mexico has made quite a few headlines in The United States since the Trump Administration took office and most recently tipped their hat to America and sent support to the Texas coast to assist in Hurricane Harvey support and rescue efforts. President Trump has responded in light of the tragedy in Mexico saying "We are with you."

CNN reports that the death toll has reached 58 individuals. The El Paso news source KVIA reports that Hurricane Katia could complicate relief efforts and that Mexico's President Peña Nieto said that homes with capability to receive water service should know that it may take 36 to 48 hours for restoration of running water.

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