If you’re going to have a random run-in with a famous face in El Paso, chances are it’s going to be at L & J Café.

On those rare occasion’s a celebrity is in town for an event or just passing through and they’re looking for a little taste of El Paso they always seem to end up at the iconic landmark.

Remember when The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, wanted boots and hit up El Paso for a new pair? He had lunch at L & J that day. Two years ago, when Faith Hill came to watch her daughter cheer on Stanford in the 2016 Sun Bowl Game, she chose to get her Mex on at The Old Place by the Graveyard.

When actors Sam Elliott and Ethan Hawke were in town last August for the premieres of their respective new movies, where did they dine? L & J’s, of course. And they haven't been the only ones.

Check out the gallery of photos taken by the staff and posted on Facebook of the various celebrities who dipped a chip at L & J Café.

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