Forget chocolates. Few things say “I love you” on Valentine's Day more than heart-shaped food.

So if you truly heart your boo don't bother getting him or her the biggest stuffed-teddy-bear-holding-a-heart the guy in the parking lot off Alameda is selling out of the trunk of his car and make a bee-line to the legendary L&J Cafe instead.

Check out what “the old place by the graveyard” is serving up on Thursday in honor of The Holy Day of Obligation©

"Dinner for two includes 14 tacos, two loaded baked potatoes, two sides of charro beans, a small chile con queso, chile torreados, and two sopapillas," reads the caption on the Facebook post.

Oh, L&J, you had me at ‘14 tacos.’

Guess where I'm taking my honey on Valentine's Day? And I plan on letting her order her own soda. So, yes, I'm awesome.

L & J Cafe Facebook