The Internet has spoken, and one of my favorite weekend lunch time hangs has been named the "Best Tex-Mex" restaurant in all of Texas.

L & J Cafe, across from Concordia Cemetery in Central El Paso, was the top vote-getter in the 2018 USA Today's 10 Best Reader's Choice online contest in the Best Tex-Mex in Texas category.

According to the 10best website, a panel of experts and editors picked the initial 20 nominees, then they let the Internet determine the top 10.

I'm not sure if it's hometown pride or if it's because the rest of Texas treats us like a red-headed step child  -- I suspect it's a bit of both -- but if a local anything is in the running and Internet voting is involved , El Pasoans can be counted on to click at a high volume.

As for the whole Tex-Mex thing, I know "Tex-Mex" is a dirty word around here and a lot of current and former El Pasoans take umbrage with the suggestion that our Mexican food is anything but authentic, but owner Leo Duran doesn't mind the label.

L&J Cafe Facebook
L&J Cafe Facebook

"We like to think of our food as border regional Mexican food," he wrote on the L & J Facebook page. "It's not fully Tex Mex but also not fully authentic. Either way, we'll take the win for delicious food."

I'm right there with him. As long as I can find a stool at the bar and can dip a chip in their awesome green salsa, they can call it anything they want.

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