October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this week is Mike and Tricia Mornings Pink Ribbon Week, so you'll hear us talking a lot about early detection being the best protection against breast cancer.  But what if you can't afford the one test that can help detect breast cancer early?

courtesy: tricia martinez
courtesy: patricia martinez

I've posted pictures of my mammogram before, but this year, we're going to have a video camera follow me in so you you can see that a mammogram really doesn't make you scream or hurt, it's just uncomfortable.

I'm lucky because I have health insurance that will cover a yearly visit to my ob-gyn and a mammogram, but what if you don't have insurance?

  • The El Paso Chapter of Komen for the Cure can help out. Visit their website at komenelpaso.org, call them at 533-4433 for information on how you can get a low cost mammogram. Insurance reasons won’t allow them to list prices or cost of mammograms, but they do offer the best option for affordable mammograms in El Paso.
  • Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces is offering women $50 mammograms on October 5th. To schedule, call 575-521-5270. The screenings will be held at 2735 Northrise Drive in Las Cruces.

There is nothing like early prevention, and the best way for you and your doctor to know what is going on inside your breasts year to year is having a series of mammograms to compare.

I know the thought of getting your breasts squished by a machine is scary, but the alternative is scarier.  30 seconds of discomfort, or a cancer diagnosis?  I would go with the discomfort every time.  Call Komen El Paso for information on a low-cost mammogram, or call your doctor to schedule your mammogram today!

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