Mike and Tricia Mornings has teamed up The Hospitals of Providence to host a breast-cancer awareness walk this Friday morning, October 6.

The Pink Walk will take place at the hospital’s East Campus at 3280 Joe Battle beginning at 7 a.m. Its purpose is to honor breast cancer survivors, celebrate health, and provide information and education on how to detect breast cancer early.

Even if you don’t have the time to do the walk, please make it a point to at least stop by and pick up the educational materials and self examination shower cards, and a pink ribbon which we will be handing out in honor of those who have fought or are now fighting the battle against breast cancer.

This is the 17th year Mike & Tricia Mornings has dedicated the first full week in October to furthering the awareness and importance of early detection.

Almost everyone knows someone whose life has been changed by this disease – a wife, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother or girl friend. Many lives can be saved if the necessary steps to identify this terrifying disease in its early stages are taken. That’s what Mike & Tricia’s Annual Pink Ribbon Week hopes to make you mindful of the most; that early detection is your best protection.

The Hospitals of Providence Facebook
The Hospitals of Providence Facebook

If you do want to participate in the Pink Walk, here's what you need to know before you go:

• Walk will take place at the at the Hospitals of Providence Healing Garden adjacent to the ER entrance at the hospital’s East Campus at 3280 Joe Battle

• It will start at approximately 7:10 a.m. and is about 1.1 miles long -- the radius of the hospital grounds.

• It’s free and open to both men and women. Well behaved leashed dogs are welcomed too.

• No preregistration required, just show up.

How to Get There

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