With October being breast cancer awareness month and it being almost over, I thought it would be interesting to see some stats on breasts...hey, why not?!

ONE: You may think that men are just being "men", but studies out of the University of Nebraska actually show that men's AND women's eye naturally gravitate tow a women's chest. Yes this means that women are looking at other women's chests! It isn't just a male thing afterall. USA Today also found that when focusing a camera, it is better to focus on the mid sections which in coincidentally happen to be a women's chest area. So if a women is in the shot, it gives the cameraman full permission!


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TWO: Unhappy with your breast size, ladies? Don't worry...ALL breast fluctuate in size month to month and have even been noted to change size minute to minute! Yes, seriously! Many women experience breast size change during the PMS month where they can grow as much to a full cup size! And the left breast tends to be larger.

THREE: In other boob news, nipples actually vary in types! There are 4 types of areolas which are as follows: "Normal", where the nipples stick out a few millimeters from the areola, and then even further when they're aroused or cold; "flat" in which the nipples only protrude when they're stimulated or when temperatures change. Some are "puffy" nipples and have a raised areola and "inverted" nipples are self explanatory as turned inward.

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So now that we have discussed breasts and all their gloriousness, know YOUR boobs and get the proper exams to keep them healthy! What exactly is a Mammogram? Maybe you can't afford a mammogram?  You could possible qualify for a FREE one...READ HERE

Keep up the boob health all year long and not just the month of October. Early detection is the best prevention!  Hey! Check out these guys raising money for boobs in a very interesting way!