Estela Casas is an El Paso treasure. For years, she has been the voice of the news at KVIA ABC7, and for years, she has been El Paso's favorite female news anchor. She and former anchor Gary Warner hold the title of the longest-running news anchors at a local news station, and they were wonderful together.

A couple of years ago, Estela battled thyroid cancer and beat it. She was on the desk even as she underwent treatment, and we all prayed for her during her ordeal. Last night, we found out that our beloved Estela is once again ill. She announced that she has bilateral breast cancer, and will begin undergoing chemotherapy this week. From the KVIA website:

"Blessings come in different forms. Mine came last month after, I got a tetanus shot. That bump that formed in my right arm forced me to the doctor's office and a devastating diagnosis. After reporting on breast cancer for more than three decades, I join thousands of women and men fighting against this potentially deadly disease. You've noticed that I've lost weight, I hadn't felt this good in such a long time. But looks can be deceiving. I have bilateral breast cancer. Tomorrow I begin my cancer journey. I will be administered the first round of chemotherapy. You will see some changes in my appearance but my passion for my job will not change. Getting that tetanus shot was a blessing in disguise. I will be taking some time off a few days a month to fight the good fight like so many other women in our community! I have a strong and compassionate team of family, friends, doctors, bosses and co-workers who will be with me on this cancer journey. But more importantly I have turned it over to God. I would greatly appreciate your prayers."

I worked with Estela for a little over a year at Channel 7 before coming to KISS FM, and my husband, Darren, has been a colleague of hers for over 10 years. We are both so lucky to know Estela and we are praying for her recovery and for an easy time through her treatment. Estela is an amazing woman, a wonderful mother, and a dear friend. All our thoughts and prayers go out to this sweet woman.

If you would like to email a note of encouragement to Estela, you can do so here.

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