Everyone one loves bacon and pancakes and this simple recipe allows you to cook your bacon and pancake mix as one delicious breakfast dipper.

It’s so incredibly simply to recreate these easy bacon pancake dippers that I’m kind of kicking myself for not coming up with the idea on my own.

While the gal in the video chose to go with a whole wheat almond milk pancake batter and turkey bacon, you can certainly choose any type of flavored batter or bacon that you please.

Once you grab all your ingredients, cook your bacon and then begin to cook strips of pancake batter and place your cooked bacon on top of the strip of pancake batter and spread more batter on top, coating the bacon. Once the bottom side is done, flip over and finish cooking. After all your dippers are done you can dip them in your favorite pancake syrup and enjoy.

This recipe is great to make for the kids, your honey, a breakfast brunch or even when you’re craving breakfast for dinner.