When Christmas rolls around we all know it because we see Christmas lights on people's houses, Christmas commercials on tv, and Christmas bills starting to pile up, but what is the one thing that really makes it Christmas for your family? We asked Mike and Tricia listeners what was the one thing that they had to do or else it just isn't Christmas for them. For my family it's getting together for lunch at a restaurant and just relaxing together. We didn't get the chance to do that last year because of COVID and this year we are playing it safe and doing this tradition at home, but we will still have our Christmas lunch and that's what makes it Christmas to our family.

Our listeners weighed in and this is what they told us was the one thing that makes it Christmas for them.

Marisela says:

So about 5 yrs ago my mom, son and I started a small tradition to see Christmas lights with her work. Her work would rent out a bus and would take us to go see the Fred Loya Light show, The Eastridge lights, and we would end the night downtown at the plaza. It was such a fun outing, but since Covid we were not able to do it last year. This year I plan to take my son myself and enjoy the festivities.

Paulina says:

The one thing my family has always done for Christmas, is watch "Christmas Vacation". We just love the movie and quote it all throughout the holiday season lol
Now that I'm married and have my son, we have continued the tradition of watching it as well

Omar says:

We all get together at my aunts house and make tamales

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

Iran says:

For us it's not Christmas until we do a posada with some menudo, bunuelos, calientitos, hot chocolate. That is the best indicator that Christmas is here.

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