Earlier this morning, I posted a blog about Triple A baseball coming to El Paso - City Council has voted to build a 50 million dollar ballpark to house a baseball team, and even thought there are a couple of legal challenges to that vote, we now know that WE HAVE A TRIPLE A BASEBALL TEAM!!!!



In my post this morning, I outlined the legal challenges, and you can keep reading to find out what those are and the links to the stories about them, but the important news is MountainStar Sports has completed the purchase of the Tucson Padres!

There is a lot more information coming out, and as soon as that becomes available, I'll keep posting.




(Story from earlier this morning)

First, here are the legal challenges to the ballpark:

1.  El Paso lawyer Ray Rojas filed a lawsuit earlier this week alleging that El Paso City Manager Joyce Wilson is using taxpayer money for political advertising touting the ballpark project.

2.  The second legal challenge comes from former El Paso mayor, Ray Salazar, who says Joyce Wilson and others on City Council "connived and conspired" with each other to prevent the ballpark issue from going before voters.  He also says she hates Mexican-American-Chicano El Pasoans.

Today, MountainStar Sports and the president of the Pacific Coast Leage, Branch Rickey, will be holding a press conference to talk about the sale of the Tucson Padres to MountainStar.  There has been no advance warning about what is going to be revealed, but I'll keep an eye on things and let you know as soon as something is announced.

And you know I have to say it - LET'S PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!

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