paul foster

Downtown Triple A Ballpark Breaks Ground Today
Today is the day the whole city comes together to celebrate the official ground breaking of the Downtown Triple A Ballpark!  There will be banners flying, marching bands, kids and parents embracing our City officials who brought us....... yeah, ok, not everyone is happy.  I got it.  B…
News Expected On El Paso Triple A Baseball Team Sale Soon
Earlier this morning, I posted a blog about Triple A baseball coming to El Paso - City Council has voted to build a 50 million dollar ballpark to house a baseball team, and even thought there are a couple of legal challenges to that vote, we now know that WE HAVE A TRIPLE A BASEBALL TEAM!!!!
Rally For Downtown Ballpark Monday
I'm all for the Downtown Ballpark.  I know, I'm telling you something you didn't already know.  I've not had any opinion for or against it.  HA!  I crack me up!

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