The El Paso Times announced this week that they would be scaling back their print edition. Old farts like me raised our canes and shook them in anger at losing more ground to technology, so while I cry in my morning coffee about losing a nice, hefty newspaper, here are a few things I'll miss most about a real El Paso Times:

1. The crisp rustle of pages being turned alerted people that you were in the bathroom. With an iphone, you're always worried that a video will start before you've had the chance to turn down the volume and alert people to the questionable video content you surf while sitting on the toilet.

2. You could shut out the world or a significant other who was pissing you off just by raising the paper. You can't do that with an iphone. Well, you could, but it would be as effective as an elephant hiding behind a telephone pole.

3. If you dropped the paper in the bathroom, you didn't have to worry about spending major bucks to buy another one or getting the screen replaced. Buying another iphone will run a couple hundred bucks, and the El Paso Times is
$1.50. You could buy over 130 iphones for that. The El Paso Times is a great deal. Why is it going away????

4. If you got mad at an article, you could wad up the paper and throw it against the wall. Try that with an iphone.

5. You could go through the wedding section on Sundays and wonder how much their gorgeous dresses cost.

So much to see in the real El Paso Times. Too bad it's going the way of the horse and buggy.

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