Just how insanely stupid are some people? Well, take a look at this video from last weekend. The sun is shining, families are out at the El Paso Zoo enjoying a lovely spring day, and, hey, wait a minute. Are those two little kids slipping past a fence and getting into an animal enclosure? Why, yes, I believe it is. Two little kids probably no older than 5 or 6 years old walking around inside an animal enclosure at the zoo. What could go wrong? In case you haven't seen the video, here is it:

Granted the clip is only a couple of seconds long and the person who shot it doesn't have a very steady hand, but really, if you saw something this boneheaded would you be able to shoot an Oscar-worthy video clip? I know I wouldn't but that's because I'm a pepa and would have gone running for Zoo security because I'm not a fool who thinks it's okay to put a child in harm's way.

Seriously, who does this? Zoo officials said on Monday that they were aware of the video showing the kids in the chimpanzee enclosure and if it had been reported while it was happening trespassing charges could have been brought, I'm presuming, against the "adults" in the situation - my quotation marks, not the Zoo's.

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Clearly there were no adults in the situation, not the ones who appear to be helping the kids over the fence and not the ones who watched this happen and did nothing.

Thankfully the kids appear to be separated by a moat that kept them from the actual chimpanzee area but they could have fallen into the water, could have startled the chimps and who knows what else bad could have happened. There is no word on how long the kids were in the enclosure or who they were with but if the adults who allowed this were dumb enough to pull a stunt like this they are probably patting themselves on the back for how cool it was for the kids to have been in the enclosure.

Score one for adults who shouldn't be doing stupid things like this.

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