El Paso City Council has been embroiled in the controversial downtown arena for months now. Should they build the arena in the century-old Durangito neighborhood and tear down historic buildings, move the location for the multi-use arena somewhere else in the downtown area, or destroy the Abraham Chavez theater and put it there? So many options, so much never ending controversy. Let's not worry about where we should build the arena, let's talk about why we need to build it soon. I've got two words for you.

Garth. Brooks.

You can talk all you want about how we have the Don Haskins Center so we don't need another arena. Hello. NMSU has the arena that got the Garth Brooks concert extravaganzas, not the Don. Two universities, one arena that was suitable for Mr. Brooks.

Get it together, El Paso City Council. It's time to poop or get off the pot. Build that damned arena before the money we have only buys us a rinky-dink arena with no hope of getting concerts like Garth Brooks. Do this right and do it right now.

El Paso taxpayers are tired of your shenanigans.

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