One of the coolest things about living in El Paso is how close we are to a mountain getaway. You can hop in your car and take the whole familia to Ruidoso or Cloudcroft and be there in a couple of hours. Getting away from the oppressive El Paso summer heat or enjoying the wintery weather in the winter and all during the holidays is something a lot of us do on a pretty regular basis, but for one guy on Instagram, getting away to the cool pines of New Mexico and calling it a vacation is totally lame.

The guy on Instagram got his fellow Instagrammers all riled up because he mocked women who have a lame mcm who gets time off approved just to go up to Ruidoso and sit in a lame hot tub and smoke some of the wacky tabacky. There were a lot of comments about which was lamer, calling taking off to Ruidoso for a couple of days a 'vacation' or a 'getaway'. Some commenters said that calling it a getaway was just a way to cover up to your man that it wasn't really a vacation but you didn't want to hurt his feeling, or calling it a getaway because women settle for Ruidoso instead of insisting on a real vacation. Here's the post, you decide:

I know I'm old school but heading up to Ruidoso is something I really like to do. Hanging out in a cabin that I don't have to worry about cleaning or washing the sheets and towels. That's heaven for me. There is a particular group of cabins that I love because the deer walk right up to the deck and the hummingbirds swarm on feeders like crazed moths to a flame.

Would I rather go to Italy and drink wine or France and gorge on amazing food and see the Eiffel Tower? Well, of course I would, don't be ridiculous, but Ruidoso isn't a lame getaway, it's exactly that, a getaway. That's like saying I won't drink a good $10 bottle of wine just because it's ten bucks. Just because I would rather have a fifty dollar bottle of wine doesn't mean I'll turn my nose up at a good grocery store bottle of vino. I think I'll go get me some good cheap wine and head up to Ruidoso next weekend.


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