Media from around the world has arrived in El Paso. Of course, they are here to cover the tragic events of this past weekend. A makeshift memorial has been created at the corner of Sunmount and Edison Way. Right in front of the Hooter's restaurant.

I encountered both traditional and digital media from Amarillo, Phoenix, Dallas, London, and others. The big networks were here too. ABC and CNN, among others, sent their top TV anchors to cover this tragic event. Too many reporters to count. Each with their own tent, crew, equipment, and satellite. High's were in the upper 90's on this Monday afternoon so many also brought their own air conditioning. In true El Paso fashion, the community came out to show their support. Restaurants were handing out food to hungry reports and citizens who came to pay their respects. Others were handing out cold Gatorade and water. El Paso's spirit of love and community was shinning on an otherwise sad day for the Sun City.

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