The bio and mention of longtime KTSM chief meteorologist Chuck DeBroder has been taken off the website of KTSM. Could it be because of an odd appearance by DeBroder this weekend when he appeared to be drunk on the air?

DeBroder is well-known for his nightlife antics. Various social media sites have photos and videos of DeBroder enjoying adult beverages and singing karaoke. There are even memes about his legendary partying status:

After DeBroder's first weather forecast on Sunday night, social media wondered if something was going on with the weatherman. One Twitter account even asked the question on viewers minds flat out:


DeBroder even answered a question about what had happened:


When I checked on the KTSM website, I discovered that his bio and photo had been scrubbed from the site. I asked KTSM if DeBroder had been let go, but have not gotten an answer back. DeBroder's personal Facebook page has also been scrubbed of his status as KTSM's chief meteorologist.

As soon as we hear back from KTSM, we'll update this blog.