If you want to cross ‘go on a ghost walk of a haunted El Paso high school’ off your spooky things bucket list, you have a chance to do just that in May.

The Ysleta High School Medical Professions Organization and Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts915) are teaming up for a ghost tour of the Lower Valley school over the Memorial Day weekend.

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YHS is Legit Haunted

Google Street
Google Street

YHS is not only one of El Paso's Most Haunted, by all accounts it is among the most active.

Bonnie Juarez, President of The Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts 915), has conducted numerous investigations and tours of the school and its campus over the years and is very well versed in the legend, lore, and history of the almost-100-year-old Trost building.

Kid Ghosts and Spirit Orbs

Juarez said the evidence they've collected over time is very compelling. “We've caught motion, orbs in the hallways, mist shapes on the stage of the auditorium, and activity in classrooms.”

One of those classrooms serves as the lab where Ms. Norma Vargas teaches. Vargas, who supervises the students in the Medical Professions Organization, sent me the photo posted below. She told me a custodian shot video of what was described as a black mist entering the lab.

"The [photo on the right] is what I got after zooming in on the video frame the custodian sent me. This little guy, Sammy, has been seen on our tours and in some guest pictures."

submitted by Norma A Vargas
submitted by Norma A Vargas

The ghost tour in May will take you to those active locations where tales of its haunted history and ghostly alumni will be told.

You'll learn what Ghosts915 uncovered at each hot spot, and become the ghost hunter using the group's meters, sensors and other equipment.

Ghost Tour to Benefit YHS Medical Professions Organization

Student tickets are available at the school for $10. Call Ms. Vargas at 915-434-7916 and leave a message if she can't pick up. Tickets are $20 per person for non-Ysleta High students. Those you purchase through the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society.

Funds raised will benefit the future healthcare professionals of the Ysleta High School Medical Professions Organization and help the club with things like purchasing scrubs, lab coats, and healthcare supplies.

• Ysleta High School Ghost Tour
• Saturday, May 28, 2022
• 7 p.m.

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