Trekkies, take note; Capt. James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise will be continuing his mission to explore strange new worlds and will be seeking out new civilizations at the 2020 El Paso Comic-Con.

Actor William Shatner, it seems, will be appearing at our hometown comic book and sci-fi festival next April.

The Shat himself tweeted the announcement on Sunday (Aug. 11) while replying to questions from his Twitter followers. Shortly after being asked if he would be appearing at Africa Comic Con, the iconic actor wrote, “BTW, El Paso fans; I’m coming to the El Paso Comic Con next April.”

Shatner apparently let the Tribble out of the bag early, surprising even the local comic con promoter who didn’t intend to make it official for a few more weeks.

“Gonna wait until after NMCE for the official announcement,” El Paso Comic Con officials wrote. “Consider this a little surprise for our Twitter followers,” they added along with a retweet of Shatner’s unofficial announcement.

El Paso Comic Con 2020 is set for April 17-19 at the El Paso Convention Center. Cool, that gives me plenty of time to get my Chewbacca costume dry cleaned.

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