Watch out, y'all, there's going to be a cougar on the prowl at this weekend's El Paso Comic-Con.

Excuse me?

I'm referring to WWE legend and El Paso native Vickie Guerrero, who has been added to the list of celebrity guests appearing at this year's sci-fi event. The professional wrestling personality is best known to WWE Smackdown and Raw fans for both her catchphrase ("Excuse me!") and her many years playing the polarizing cougar/villain/manager role in WWE story-lines from the mid to late 2,000's.

Guerrero, the widow of WWE Hall of Famer and hometown hero Eddie Guerrero, will take part in a Q & A panel with former WWF wrestler Jake the Snake on Saturday and will be available for photos and autographs on Saturday and Sunday, according the El Paso Comic Con website.

Along with the lineup of featured celebrity guests that includes LeVar Burton of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, a full schedule of cosplay and its stars, as well as comic book artists, writers, and vendors will make scheduled appearances.

El Paso Comi-Con is set for Friday, April 12, through Sunday, April 14 at the Convention Center downtown Ticket info and more details can be found on the El Paso Comic Con website.

Vickie Guerrero Twitter
Vickie Guerrero Twitter

Tips for Attending Comic-Con

• Remember to write your name on your inhaler so it doesn't get mixed up with everyone else’s. And if you want to seem like a TOTAL bad-ass, always refer to it as your "blaster"

• Figure out ahead of time where your mom will drop you off and pick you up

• Always speak in Klingon when making fun of the hopelessly pathetic "Star Wars" losers. That way you won't come off as an insensitive jerk

• Occasionally you will encounter beings with slightly larger breasts than your own. These are called "women." They should be approached cautiously and in a respectful manner

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